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Frank Shamrock on Jimmy Fallon talking Strikeforce and anti-bullying campaign

Originally published at MMA Payout

Strikeforce’s Frank Shamrock made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Thursday to promote Strikeforce’s Dec. 4th event as well as his anti-bullying campaign, Stand Up Together.


Payout Perspective:

Shamrock’s appearance is a big step for the mainstream visibility for Strikeforce. I thought he was great but I would be interested in knowing whether the casual MMA fan knew the names Babalu Sobral or Dan Henderson, even if both were in the UFC at one time. It’s a good start for Strikeforce if they can get Shamrock on as a regular guest to promote Strikeforce fights. He’s a likeable guy and seems to understand Fallon’s comedy.

As for the anti-bullying campaign, it was a good way for Shamrock to leverage his appearance to promote his non-profit. The campaign makes sense for Shamrock since it could reshape the public perception of MMA fighters like Shamrock, appeal to a wider audience and elevate his image. Although not a target for bullying, Shamrock’s cause shows empathy for people that are susceptible to bullying.

via youtube.com/thefrankshamrock

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